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The Stableford Way: Celebrating 5 Years

Stableford Way - Celebrating 5 years

Five years ago, many outsiders said it could not be done.They thought there was no way 'another' registered investment advisory could stand toe-to-toe with the older Private Wealth Management firms and Banks. Well, we proved the skeptics wrong, and not only are we going strong, we are exceeding expectations.Five years ago, I realized that Financial Advisors, their tools and vehicles were undergoing the most profound change the Financial Industry had seen in thirty-years.In order to be a part of the next generation, Stableford would have to address five areas: authentic portfolio management of individual stocks, custom tax and ESG solutions. index-replication technology and zero bound trading costs.Just as Exchange Traded Funds challenged the market dominance of mutual funds, separately managed accounts (SMA's) are challenging the market dominance of mutual funds, and ETFs. Index-replication technology will be the next step for those unprepared to build a complete bespoke solution.By recruiting professionals with the same vision we have removed the middle man in the supply chain. A combined 100 years of experience enables us to leverage best practices 'The Stableford Way'. We opted away from the mainstream world of financial advisors - and have turned the model upside down. As fiduciaries, much of our time is spent on building short and long-term solutions in or away from public markets.

Our Focus: The Stableford Way

Focusing on managing custom strategies within a client's particular Investment Policy Statement - taking advantage of our years of experience within portfolio management, planning and tax. Withstanding storms while avoiding the inexorable erosion that comes from the progression of time and taxes defines the 'best chance for success'.Industry developments, perhaps ironically, will continue to provide the opportunity to demonstrate 'The Stableford Way' as Advisory Services, Investment Management and Tax merge as part the same solution.

Oscar Wilde once quipped, "Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing!"We know our clients- and value them.Everything else is ephemeral.

Forward looking

We have a lot to be proud of and will continue to do our work, going about the business of managing our clients' affairs. Our best prospects come to our firm the old-fashioned way: by direct referral from our existing clients. This method has proven very successful.First and foremost, when clients send referrals, they are clearly communicating to us we are meeting (and hopefully exceeding) their needs. Second, client referrals allow us to spend more time with clients and their concerns and less time on marketing. Third, and perhaps most important, we understand that their credibility is on the line when they refer someone to our firm.

Stableford 5 Year Anniversary

Be assured that we acknowledge the trust our clients place in our company and are striving every day to increase our service levels as well as our competency in a wide range of areas. We will not let them down in this regard.We continually update our website, Stableford Insights and materials that reflect our progression. Future growth will look to customize technology, systems and research and trading platforms.Over the next twenty-four months we will more than double our staff to continue to provide excellent, responsive and accurate service. The challenge will be slow growth at a reasonable price, without changing our culture. We work well together and genuinely like and respect each other.

Stableford Community Involvement

Each of the first five years we have exceeded our hours of community service commitment. Service ranges from child care to veterans care and some of our most valued friendships started with organizations helping each other. And in the next five years and beyond, we will continue to impact our community.

Our Clients Trust

We appreciate and hold sacred the trust our client's place in our company. While a five year anniversary is a time of reflection and celebration, please know that we come to work every day dedicated to being the best at serving our clients and the community.

*The Stableford Way....there are only three rules 1) it is all about the client. Rule two, it is all about the client. Rule three, don't ever forget the first two rules!!

Andrew J. BrinkmanFounder, CEOStableford CapitalTo learn more about how we help you in your financial investment strategy, contact us online or call 480.493.2300.

Andrew Brinkman
Andrew J. Brinkman is the Founder of Stableford Capital. Over the course of his 45+ year career, he built A.J. Brinkman & Co., a leading foreign exchange arbitrageur and institutional floor broker, was a managing partner of Petros Capital, a long/ short institutional hedge fund and, for the past ten years, he has been a discretionary asset manager for high net-worth families. Andrew Brinkman has been a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Futures Exchange, and the Chicago Board of Trade. A 1978 graduate of Cornell College with degrees in Economics and Political Science, he was a board member for ChildHelp USA, a board member of the Berry Center for Economics, and former trustee of Cornell College.