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Trust can’t be built — it can only be earned. Stableford Capital is committed to earning your trust through consistent feedback, a data-driven process, and results. Using institutional strategies tailored for the individual investor, combined with actionable insights and a proprietary risk management process, Stableford strives to prove our worth every day while helping you increase yours.
  • Marriage
  • Having/adopting children
  • Retirement
  • Losing a spouse
  • Divorce
While you can plan ahead for the events that you see coming, it’s just as important to plan for the events that may occur when you least expect them. Estate planning that specifically prepares for the loss of a spouse is best done in advance, before there is any sign of the event on the horizon and clear minds can prevail over emotions.

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Strong Financial Advisory Services for Successful Women

Women’s wealth is now over $70 trillion dollars and on an upward trend. Stableford Capital is dedicated to designing investment plans and seeking out opportunities that will lead to financial independence for women.

The same caution that may have kept women from investing in the past is exactly what makes them good investors. Patience through loss and being choosier about risk are top reasons women’s portfolios annually outperform those of men by almost 2%.

Whether choosing to remain single for life, valuing financial independence from a spouse, or outliving a spouse, financial literacy and independence is essential for achieving financial goals, as is working with a trusted financial advisor. We’d love to support your financial growth, talk one with one of us today!

Building Your Business

27 million working-age Americans start or run new businesses, with up to 24% of self-employed individuals nearing retirement age. Working for yourself and building your business is incredibly rewarding, however, it also comes with a unique set of challenges when it comes to financial planning.
  • Rolling over a 401(k) to an IRA.
  • Starting an IRA/, 401(k) or Defined Benefit Plan
  • Utilizing a Health Savings Account
  • Understanding tax code for business owners
  • Preparing for a business transaction
Financial advisory services for entrepreneurs is just as important as business development and managing relationships. Stableford Capital understands this and tailors financial plans that are as flexible and adaptable as today’s business owners need to be. Schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation.

Teaching and Transferring Wealth

After you’ve spent your lifetime building your business, investing funds and allocating assets, you want to ensure your legacy continues when your lifetime ends. Working with a Scottsdale financial advisor on an estate plan will help ensure your wealth is not tied up in courts, estate taxes and unnecessary expenses.

Estate planning is for everyone, regardless of your net worth or estate value. Estate plans typically include:
  • Will or Trust
  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney (HCPA)
  • Guardianship designations
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Letter of intent
Transferring your wealth means you will get to see how your beneficiaries enjoy your gifts while eliminating estate taxes. It also provides the opportunity to teach them a strong financial foundation – how you built your wealth and how they, too, can build their own legacy.

Gifting Strategies for the Present:

  • IRS gift exclusion
  • Transfer ownership of investments
  • 529 college savings plan
  • Paying medical bills directly for family members
  • Living/revocable gifting trust
Think about gifting in the present as the gift of time: you have time to educate your beneficiaries on managing assets, time to explain your intentions and wishes, and time to answer questions.

Planning Today for Confidence Tomorrow

Stableford Capital financial advisors in Scottsdale, San Francisco, Atlanta and Fairfield are committed to meeting your financial needs in every way, at every stage and event. Our integrated advisory approach balances short-term focus with long-term understanding to ensure asset management, financial planning and tax decisions work together, and for you.

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