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The Stableford Way: All About the Client

Stableford Capital is a registered financial advisory firm that employs evidence-based investment processes customized for individual investors. As fiduciaries, we are a client first firm committed to active engagement and communication. Our integrated services remove the middleman from the supply chain and work to streamline the traditional model of financial advising.

The Stableford Way: Client First Approach

Your financial needs and values are unique, which is why Stableford takes a client first approach to investment advising. Our wealth management process is built around this client-first mantra.

  1. Listen
  2. Learn
  3. Discuss
  4. Implement
  5. Monitor

The more knowledge we have about a client’s situation, their values, and what is going on in their lives, the better we can advise them.

“We know our clients -- and value them. Everything else is ephemeral.”-Andy Brinkman, Founder & CEO

Active Portfolio Management

No matter if the market is up or down, Stableford stays ahead of it with direct communication and by providing actionable insights. At times of volatility, when most firms try to hide, we initiate communication. Clients always have access to leadership and investment teams. This process builds trust and opens up opportunities to prove our worth by helping to increase yours.For clients, active management means constant attention to the portfolio construction process (this is not to be confused with trading). It means that to have risk-adjusted returns, your portfolio benefits from consistent tactical allocation. For example, adding stocks to the portfolio based on whether our analysis shows the company is attractively valued.

Integrated Financial Advisory Services

Stableford takes a holistic approach to wealth management by providing comprehensive financial counseling, tax planning, and asset management all under one roof. These components are all part of the same solution and ideally should be handled by a single, dynamic firm committed to building a strong financial position for clients.

“By recruiting professionals with the same vision, Stableford has removed the middle man in the supply chain. A combined 100 years of experience enables us to leverage best practices, ‘The Stableford Way.’”-Andy Brinkman, Founder & CEO

By opting away from the mainstream world of financial advisors, Stableford has turned the model upside down and continues to evolve, searching for ways to create benefits and efficiencies for clients. This includes incorporating leading-edge technologies and resources.

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Recently, Stableford invested in an integrated securities and antitrust services platform and partnership. This new technology is specifically designed to monitor and file claims and maximize awards, simplifying the settlement process. Clients are apprised of potential recovery opportunities, including past claims that may have been overlooked. The technology provides award estimates to aid in the client’s decision to opt-in or out, hassle-free claims filing, and automatic deposit of monetary awards directly into the client’s account.All Stableford services offer security to protect and grow wealth. We work closely with cybersecurity experts and a trusted custodian to employ solutions such as strong encryption, complex password requirements, firewalls, secure email, 24/7 account surveillance, 2-factor identification, and security text alerts. These top-tier security measures mitigate security risks and safeguard client information and accounts.When all portfolio management and investment services are in-house, this helps to ensure the best execution, facilitate communication, and remain up to date. All advisors and services work together to increase the value of client portfolios and protect their legacies.

Stableford Philosophy

Stableford starts from the beginning with appropriate asset allocation. The benefit of having a real person to manage your assets is that your Stableford financial advisor can help assess your unique situation and create a blueprint to your goals. As the market changes, we work to respond to the shifts in your portfolio as quickly as possible to make gains and prevent vulnerability.The Stableford Difference is centered around a unique investment philosophy: the foremost focus is on downside protection to avoid losses before concentrating on potential appreciation.This philosophy is guided by a set of core values that influence Stableford’s approach to every relationship and business interaction:

  1. Wisdom
  2. Stewardship
  3. Performance
  4. Sustainability
  5. Partnership

As fiduciaries, Stableford advisors will always do what’s right for clients. It is with these guiding principles that we work to protect and grow wealth, minimize risk, maximize returns, drive positive impact, reduce taxes, and make the financial advisory experience easier.For more in-depth analysis during these interesting times, request a trial subscription to our digital market blast.To learn more about how Stableford Capital can help you achieve prosperity and peace of mind, call 480.493.2300 or contact us to schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation.

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July 8, 2024
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Andrew Brinkman
Andrew J. Brinkman is the Founder of Stableford Capital. Over the course of his 45+ year career, he built A.J. Brinkman & Co., a leading foreign exchange arbitrageur and institutional floor broker, was a managing partner of Petros Capital, a long/ short institutional hedge fund and, for the past ten years, he has been a discretionary asset manager for high net-worth families. Andrew Brinkman has been a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Futures Exchange, and the Chicago Board of Trade. A 1978 graduate of Cornell College with degrees in Economics and Political Science, he was a board member for ChildHelp USA, a board member of the Berry Center for Economics, and former trustee of Cornell College.