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The Stableford Difference: A Unique Investment Philosophy

Choosing a financial advisor to work with is no easy task. It’s important to find someone who you not only feel comfortable with, but you also have immense confidence in, from integrity to investment philosophy.

Why Stableford?

In “The Stableford Difference” video, Stableford leadership describes the two key reasons clients choose to work with the financial advisory firm.

A Unique Investment Philosophy

“Why Stableford? The idea of always being in charge of your own destiny.” -Andy Brinkman, Founder

Stableford works to help clients achieve their financial goals through its unique investment philosophy: no matter the investment climate or client need, they do what is most appropriate and adjust as the clients needs change.

Stableford leadership discussing investment philosophy around indoor Fireplace

During economic uncertainty, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, this philosophy has helped protect clients from the losses that many people are seeing in their retirement and investment accounts.Executing our investment philosophy is a dedicated group of investment advisors, strategists, and analysts located across the country. Someone is always looking at the market and client strategies. Additionally, Stableford performs all of its own trading and allocating; we monitor the buys and sells and ensure the technology is up to date.

More Than a Financial Advisory Firm

“I think the biggest mistake that I’ve ever seen, especially with investors or clients my age,” says Stableford Founder Andy Brinkman, “is that the only thing that they learned is it’s all the same. It isn’t all the same.”Quality client relationships are more important than volume.

Nathan and Nikki smiling while discussing investment philosophy

The Stableford Capital difference not only comes from our unique investment philosophy, but also our culture which focuses on client engagement. Most financial advisors will reach out to clients when the market is going up, but we’re also quick to communicate when the market is going down. This is important, as we need to know any potential changes in our clients lives that could affect risk.This proactive approach is part of Stableford’s DNA – we do not apply the “set it and forget it” model.As a fiduciary, our clients are at the center of everything we do. This guides our investment philosophy to help clients protect the wealth they’ve worked so hard to build. To learn more about how Stableford’s unique investment philosophy can benefit you and your financial goals, call 480.493.2300 or email us at

Nathan Faldmo
Nathan is Stableford Capital’s Director of Advisory Services. Before joining Stableford, he was a Senior Associate with Bernstein Global Wealth Management and he served the U.S. House of Representatives as an intern for the Committee on Ways & Means. Nathan is a Certified Financial Planner.