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The Benefits of Positive Self Talk for Business Leaders

To compete effectively, business leaders need the proper tools. Competition is fierce in many industries. While credentials and targeted education have their place, the benefits of positive self-talk can provide the edge that a degree can’t.You may be surprised to find this practice can help you make better business decisions, build resilient teams, stay healthier, and be happier.

Reinforce the Positive

According to a recent article about encouraging athletes and high performers, when people fall into a pattern of persistent criticism, it can affect their performance.Great business leaders already know that helping key team members create a positive mindset will impact their performance. An occasional missed sales goal isn’t a problem for a high performer unless it leads to negative beliefs and a loss of confidence.

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You may be able to recognize negative self-talk in others before it leads to greater damage. It’s important to intervene as a coach or leader to steer your staff to a more balanced and positive attitude.If you see a potential for this behavior, point it out to your team member and encourage them to replace negativity with positive thoughts. For instance, for someone who hasn’t achieved a goal they have set, remind them to “stay patient, results can take time.”For any staff member who is engaged in sales activity or thinking about how they can achieve goals, an optimistic mindset will help them embrace the process with energy and anticipation, rather than dread.As you’re reinforcing positive self-talk to rev up your team, are you also making the effort to talk positively to yourself? For example, “You’ve hit five monthly sales goals – you’re more than halfway there”. (There’s a reason for talking to yourself in the 3rd person – it’ll be explained later, read on).

Positivity Creates Top Business Leaders & Teams

When you embrace positivity in your work life, you’ll be more likely to build a team of positive-minded staff members.Having the right outlook helps you be a better leader. A manager with a positive attitude is a more effective motivator. Encouraging John or Sue on your team to think more positively will be well-received when it’s coming from someone who is also positive.A positive attitude is also contagious. When you’re sharing your company’s quarterly goals with your team and conveying unshakable belief in your team’s ability to hit those goals, they’ll feel it. And, when they’re engaged in the behaviors that contribute to those goals – they’ll feel it then, too.They’re more likely to strive toward a goal – even when things get tough – when they and their leader believe they can achieve it.If team members run into obstacles, positive beliefs will help them be more resilient and better problem-solvers. Negative people give up when confronted with roadblocks – positive people look for solutions.

Talk Yourself Healthy

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Another superb benefit is health. According to the Mayo Clinic, among the benefits of positive self-talk and positivity include:

  • Possibility of longer life
  • Less anxiety
  • Resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological well-being
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills

If you can resist illness and better cope with stress, you’re better at performing your work than if you were sick or anxious all the time. And your overall quality of life is better.

Research Confirms Benefits of Positive Self-Talk

Researchers have found that thinking to yourself using 3rd person language – “you” – better regulate emotions. In other words, you’re able to calm down, feel balanced and in control. In this emotionally regulated state, it’s logical to think that your decision-making will be better, too.

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To get started, make it a practice to talk to yourself positively. Much like your team members, you must recognize the potential for negative self-talk in yourself and stop or correct it.When you begin talking critically about making the wrong decision or being late to an important meeting, stop and remind yourself to focus on the positive.And, as you’re encouraging yourself with positive self-talk, think in the third person, “You’ve led high-performing teams for 10 years!” “You’ve got this!”

How You Can Get the Benefits of Positive Self Talk

“Positive affirmations aren’t new,” says Dr. R. Murali Krishna, who is past president of INTEGRIS Mental Health, and senior member of the Oklahoma State Board of Health. “Positive self-talk must become a practice,” Dr. Krishna added in a recent article about how positive affirmations and meditation can help people.It’s more than just correcting your negative thoughts; it’s about setting aside time daily for practice. Some psychologists say that this type of practice can lead to better connections with others and strengthening our ability to cope with an uncertain, sometimes chaotic world or volatile markets.

"Don’t make it complicated. Don’t use words like 'can’t' and 'won't.' Always stay positive and always stay in the present. Don’t get preoccupied with the past or the future," Dr. Krishna says. "The brain responds only to present moments — it responds very well to what’s happening today and right now."

Forget the Noise: Prosperity AND Peace of Mind

Another important way to live a more positive life is to eliminate unnecessary worry. One of the key concerns for most people is their finances. At Stableford Capital, we aim to eliminate the typical worries people have about the markets, retirement, insurance, and transferring their wealth.

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When obstacles arise, Stableford’s leadership stays focused while continuing to stay true to our strategy. Confident in the work and guided by our years of experience, we stay positive and avoid panic while seeking to create better outcomes for everyone.Financial pundits will create uncertainty and news outlets will highlight the extremes, but our clients don’t take the bait – they know we are working for them every day, researching, watching the market, analyzing trends, and formulating plans as we continue to manage and execute their portfolios in real-time.Our mission is to provide the financial peace of mind that allows our clients to live a happier, more positive life. Reach out today at 480.493.2300 or contact us online for a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

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