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How Stableford Capital Investment Management is Your Partner in Prosperity and Peace of Mind

Investment management is not an easy or direct path. To not only protect your wealth but also grow it, you need a partner whose integrated approach will help you customize a plan for your future, actively manage your asset allocation, and will take into account your tax liability. Stableford Capital is up to the challenge.A five step process and several key differentiators distinguish Stableford. Stableford released a video August 10, 2018 to clarify these key points. In the video below, you’ll learn how the firm impacts the lives of both our clients and those we love.

According to Stableford founder Andrew Brinkman, creating this video was important to help clients understand their partnership approach; that Stableford financial advisors are going through the investment process together with their clients.

This video creates additional transparency surrounding how we customize portfolios within the context of an individual’s goals, ensuring we help build their legacy, while preserving it from volatility. I am pleased that the video highlights for the customer that what we do is about them. - Andrew Brinkman 

Highlights from the Video - Investment Management Focused on You

Smart investment management requires more than balancing financial planning, taxes and asset management. It requires a deep understanding of each investor’s individual objectives, preferences and values.

Investment Management - Stableford Capital the Focus is on You - Prosperity and Peace of Mind Press Release

With decades of experience on Wall Street, Stableford Capital applies our institutional expertise to each individual investor. We outline a custom financial plan and asset allocation that meets your specific needs.A successful investment management plan must focus on market cycles. We prudently invest with an eye toward the downside first, and potential appreciation second.Tax efficiency is also key. Since it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep, we help your taxes stay down through low turnover and long-term holdings.

Unlike Other Investment Firms

Stableford Capital sets itself apart from other investment firms through our values and processes. First, we are privately-owned and structured to minimize conflicts. Our attention is set on providing you with objective, unbiased advice.Secondly, we are a fiduciary. And as such, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.No matter who we are working with, our values are at our core. It starts with honesty; integrity and ethics always come first. As your trusted advisor, we also take our responsibility very seriously. And without professionalism, we wouldn’t be able to live up to our promises. We are committed to the highest standard of excellence.

Investment Management - Stableford Capital Learn, Implement, Improve - Prosperity and Peace of Mind Press Release

It is through our five-step process that we can deliver on our promises. We start by listening. It’s all about what you want and your wealth management.Then we learn your goals and discuss a personalized financial roadmap to get you there. Next, we implement your custom strategies, and finally monitor your investments.However, it’s a cyclical process that does not end. This is essential so that we can adjust to changes in the market and in your specific situation.You need an investment management partner who is straightforward and sophisticated. One that understands your complex financial and personal considerations. Stableford meets those needs with our integrated approach, providing comprehensive financial counseling, tax planning and asset management within one investment firm.At every step along the way, our mission is to provide the peace of mind that comes from helping you live the life you deserve.Are you ready to make portfolio changes or invest prudently? Contact Stableford today by calling 480.493.2300 or contact us online.

Nikki Sutcliffe
Nikki Sutcliffe is Stableford Capital’s Director of Advisory Services. Prior to joining Stableford, Nikki worked at Charles Schwab for five years where she was an investment advisor and most recently as a financial planner. She started her career as a portfolio manager at Girard Partners and worked there for seven years while helping to grow the firm. Nikki graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Finance and earned her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2013.