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How Disney Influences a Financial Investment Firm's Approach to Service and Quality

As a founder of a financial investment firm, you might wonder why I follow Disney business strategies. I’m a Disney fan for many reasons. They were pioneers in entertainment and occupy the top spot in their field, effectively owning that space. And, their name is synonymous with outstanding customer service.Disney takes a deliberate approach to every aspect of its operations, including customer service. They control every element that is controllable to elevate their clients’ experience, which is the Stableford Capital approach.Every organization, whether they are in entertainment, technology, and even a financial investment firm, can establish lasting success by adopting Disney strategies. Here’s how Stableford integrates key Disney methodology to help us better support client goals.

Thoughtfully Architected Service

The Disney Institute says their outstanding customer service is “thoughtfully architectured” and no part of their service is left to luck. They own every step of the customer’s experience to ensure that their park guests have a visit of a lifetime.

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Stableford Capital strategically “owns” three financial pillars and is focused on knowing all there is to know so we can to be the best advisors to our clients:Asset Management - A hands-on approach to research, execution, and real-time management ensures our clients’ portfolios are favorably aligned with the market.Financial Counseling - We focus on closing the gap between financial planning and asset management to support confidence and maximize success.Tax Planning - Stableford makes it easy to maximize savings and financial strategies by taking an individualized approach to tax planning.In addition to our financial pillars, we utilize a unique client-first, integrative service by being in constant communication, during up markets and down. This builds trust which allows clients to break through the barrier of politeness, so they can speak to us directly about what they need and expect from Stableford.


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Guests at all of the Disney parks are treated as individuals with their own perceptions of outstanding customer service. Disney leaders understand that they cannot fit each person into the same cookie-cutter experience. Instead, they offer multiple ways for guests to make themselves happy in their park.In Stableford’s world, we call it consultative, proactive service delivered through a family office. By making customers feel comfortable and welcome, we take the time to understand what our clients are looking for and their tolerance for risk so we can create the right portfolio for them.We also vary our approach to stock analysis to guide our clients effectively. Stableford leaders follow the market trends and employ several different stock strategies to uncover the data to deliver on customers’ unique goals.

A Financial Investment Firm that's a Personal Information Office

Every Disney park employee is called a cast member and is encouraged to create “magic” for their guests. In other words, each guest is not just part of a larger group.

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Stableford leaders create magic for clients by building trust as a fiduciary. It means we are ethically bound to act in the best interest of our clients. Part of acting in their best interest is handling every aspect of our clients’ trades, monitor buying and selling transactions. Not every fiduciary firm takes this hands-on approach.This extra level of service ensures client transactions are handled perfectly and it also makes our investors’ goals more memorable, making it easier to advise clients on directions that align to their goals.Additionally, the leaders at Stableford have gone beyond the standard investment responsibilities, preparing business loan paperwork to help clients get approved for financial grants. We view this as our responsibility because it allows clients to get closer to their financial goals.

The Stableford Way

While you’d never mistake Stableford Capital with Disney, we’re proud to make outstanding customer service and engagement a priority. Some people call it “high-touch service,” but at Stableford, it’s part of our family office culture.This allows us to get to know clients on a deeper level. We know long-time customers so well that we can anticipate their reaction to market changes, giving us the ability to pivot quickly so we can stay ahead of the market.If you’re looking for a financial investment firm that creates custom portfolios, plans and strategies so you get the maximum value from the market while treating you like Disney treats their guests, contact us or call 480.493.2300.

Andrew Brinkman
Andrew J. Brinkman is the Founder of Stableford Capital. Over the course of his 45+ year career, he built A.J. Brinkman & Co., a leading foreign exchange arbitrageur and institutional floor broker, was a managing partner of Petros Capital, a long/ short institutional hedge fund and, for the past ten years, he has been a discretionary asset manager for high net-worth families. Andrew Brinkman has been a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the New York Futures Exchange, and the Chicago Board of Trade. A 1978 graduate of Cornell College with degrees in Economics and Political Science, he was a board member for ChildHelp USA, a board member of the Berry Center for Economics, and former trustee of Cornell College.