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Whose risk is being managed?

Risk is a peculiar thing; it changes according to context, circumstance, and viewpoint. A rodeo cowboy thinks of risk differently than a chef, a race car driver thinks of it differently than a politician, and a hedge fund manager thinks of it differently than a bond trader.

However, unlike the rodeo cowboy, the chef, the race car driver, the politician, the hedge fund manager, and the bond trader who assess risk and act according to their professional expertise, why is it that private wealth managers require the client to calibrate their own risk tolerance?

The answer is stunning. By placing client emotions, as opposed to the client’s financial interests at the center of the strategy process, advisors shift responsibility away from themselves in order to manage their greatest risk: the risk of losing clients.

Are you surprised?

Our mission

We approach the management of each client’s investment portfolio in the same way a Chief Investment Officer manages the balance sheet of a foundation in order to meet its current, intermediate, and long-term requirements.

Our mission is to maximize the growth of our client’s wealth while ensuring its ability to satisfy their liquidity needs over all time horizons. In order to accomplish this we must fully understand our client’s resources, needs, desires, and goals.

Your assets

Our process begins by developing a thorough understanding of every asset owned by the client, how each one interacts with the other and, most importantly, what risk and reward factors the entire portfolio presents to the liability side of their balance sheet.

For example, the interest rate sensitivity of a real estate portfolio might have significant implications for a large holding of private company stock, or the imbedded tax liability of a concentrated equity holding could dramatically impact how the rest of the asset portfolio is managed.

Your liabilities

Although most wealthy investors do not carry debt, it is essential to view all types of their current and future expenditures as short and long-term liabilities.

To accomplish this, we build out a cash needs profile for each client by developing a long-range forecast of life-style objectives, retirement and elder care preferences, desired philanthropic and private support giving, and legacy goals.

Your investment portfolio

The investment portfolio is the bridge between the asset and liability sides of our client’s balance sheets.

Utilizing insights from scenario and payoff modeling, its role is to harmonize our client’s cash flows, facilitate the management and conversion of non-marketable investments, and produce capital growth by taking advantage of appropriate, timely opportunities which maximize the risk-adjusted potential of all their assets.

Our client’s unique financial profiles and needs drive their portfolio’s engagement in the markets. It is our responsibility to ensure that our client’s assets meet their liquidity needs and that opportunity is being appropriately integrated into their financial lives.

Turning intuition into knowledge

Above all else, it is our responsibility to keep our client’s balance sheet and cash flow models current, to educate and inform them, and to keep their expectations rooted in the performance of the mission we agreed upon..

To be successful, we help our client’s transform their intuitive understanding of their wealth into a dynamic and detailed knowledge of how their balance sheet is being used to meet their needs and provide for the future.

Our technology

Our technology platform is the cornerstone of our firm. Its capabilities are transformative. Now we are able to aggregate all of our client’s assets—whether they be real estate, private company holdings, investments in private partnerships, or assets held by outside custodians and administrators.

We mirror complex holding structures and can run performance analyses of all types on every account level and by asset type, geography, or any number of customizable characteristics.

Performance reporting will be customized to best suit each client’s needs and all will be directly accessible through a private portal.

Our trading software enables us to leverage our investments insights on a fully customized, client specific basis and our platform is fully accessible by our team anywhere and anytime.

Core Truths

The rate of technological change continues to accelerate, but the foundational elements of the human condition remain immutable. Man’s yearning for certainty fuels a frenetic search for knowledge which often obscures simple truths and plain fact.

Wisdom requires the parsing of knowledge and the experience to recognize when the seemingly trivial actually clarifies deeper understanding.

Sound judgments and prudent decisions are impossible without wisdom and common sense.

Our approach to the markets

  • We believe traditional investment processes are compromised due to over-reliance upon “expert” opinions, style and asset class specializations, and incentive structures which reward relative, rather than absolute performance.
  • We utilize strategic, tactical, quantitative, and technical expertise to look across asset classes and geographies to uncover emerging trends and market imbalances that offer compelling, risk-adjusted profit potential.
  • We are constantly developing themes, strategies, and ideas which are utilized to meet our client’s individual portfolio needs.

Who we serve

  1. Our clients expect a holistic approach that easily adapts to their dynamic lives.
  2. Our clients expect unique, responsive solutions that meet their changing needs.
  3. Our clients expect exemplary, personal service.
But above all else, our clients demand: Integrity, Compassion, Wisdom, Expertise, and Discretion.

Who we are

As analysts we dissect the complex because powerful, important ideas are always simple.

As investors protecting capital against the risk of permanent loss is our north star.

As managers we seek to be generally right and never precisely wrong.

As advisors our highest priority is to serve and care for our clients as we do our very own families.

Andrew J. Brinkman


Stableford Capital is the culmination of Andrew Brinkman’s lifelong dream: to build a firm that would offer a unique investment experience and leave a legacy for decades to come. Andrew started his career as a Portfolio Manager for Merrill Lynch International Bank in New York before founding a Chicago-based commodities business, where he managed currency arbitrage, hedging, and order execution for institutional clients from the late 70s through the mid 90s. From there, he became a Managing Partner CFO/COO of Petros Capital Management, a long/short institutional hedge fund, where he applied risk management and began developing the investment philosophy that guides Stableford Capital today.

Andrew’s resume and track record are only matched by his ability to build trust with his clients and lead teams to success. Many investment management firms suffer from too much brainpower and ego without enough leadership or people skills. Andrew strives to fill this gap. He is the glue that holds Stableford together – the pioneering leader who serves as a role model for combining smart investment strategies with superior client service, including making the tough calls required to do the right thing. While he has achieved significant professional success over the course of his career, it’s the personal fulfillment of truly making a difference in the lives of his clients and team that drives Andrew every day.

20 years
5 years
7 years

Justin C. Thomas, CPA

Managing Partner

Justin has worked for over 15 years as a portfolio manager and analyst managing institutional assets for hedge funds and large financial institutions. Career highlights include 8 years as an equity analyst and portfolio manager at PartnerRe Asset Management, a global reinsurance company with $17 billion in assets under management, and prior to that managing a long-short equity portfolio for Citigroup’s proprietary account. Justin has also worked as an analyst at long-short hedge funds and in research for Montgomery Securities (Bank of America Securities). In addition, Justin gained operational experience while working in finance and operations at E-Stamp, a start-up in Silicon Valley. He began his career working as a CPA at KPMG. Justin has a MBA and Masters in Accounting from Northeastern University and an undergraduate degree in Economics from Tufts University.

Portfolio Manager and Analyst, Institutional Assets
Sell Side research Equity Analyst
Silicon valley startup
CPA at Big 4 accounting firm

Dustin Brown

Managing Partner

Dustin Brown strives to help create and manage financial security and peace of mind for his clients. After getting his Series 7, Series 66, Life, Health, Long Term Care, and Annuity licenses, he entered the investment business during one of the most volatile times in history, giving him a unique perspective on the risks all investors face. This experience shaped Dustin’s holistic wealth management approach and reinforced the value of customized strategies, service, and communication. During this period, he also noticed a growing demand for socially responsible investments, sparking his interest in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) opportunities. By combining his holistic approach with tax efficiency strategies, constant monitoring, and socially responsible investing, Dustin helps aligns his clients’ portfolios with their values, while ensuring they are well prepared for all market conditions and life stages.

11 years
8 years
2 years

Jim O. Patterson, III

Director, technician and CTO

Jim is Stableford Capital’s Director of Information Technology and Technical Research. Over the past 20+ years, Jim has specialized in developing customized data solutions for security and market research. In 1999, Jim launched Tactical Trading Outlook (TTO), a daily stock market newsletter serving active traders. TTO was published daily through 2008 and reached a peak subscription base of ~2,000. In 2008, Jim joined Mark Lapolla at Sixth Man Research where he was responsible for its technical research. Jim graduated from Wofford College in 1988 with a BA in Finance. He earned his CMT designation in 2013.

7 years
technician serving institutional investors
8 years
editor/publisher of trading newsletter
5 years
Retail Broker

Nathan P. Faldmo

director, wealth and needs modeling

Nathan is Stableford Capital’s Director of Liquidity Modeling and Management. Before joining Stableford, Nathan was a Senior Associate with Bernstein Global Wealth Management. He provided service to over $6 billion in assets under management and gained experience in both their New York and Los Angeles offices. Nathan graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Corporate Finance. In the summer of 2006 he served the U.S. House of Representatives as an intern for the Committee on Ways & Means. Nathan is a Certified Financial Planner and an Eagle Scout.

6 years
planning advisor to high net-worth clients

Jane Hemminger, CPA


Jane is a leading tax professional with 50 years of experience in accounting, management and tax preparation. She was the Founder and President of J. T. Hemminger, CPA, Ltd. and has served as the past treasurer and board member of the Scottsdale Sister Cities, past treasurer of the Governor's Conference on Women and Business, and treasurer, for Ron McCullagh, Arizona Senate District 8, Scottsdale City Council. A graduate of Arizona State University, Hemminger has worked in a variety of industries, including transportation, non-profit, government, contracting, agriculture, and real estate. Her wide-ranging expertise provides clients with the assurance that she understands their needs and can provide them with the best possible solutions.

Accounting and Fraud examination
Founder and President of J. T. Hemminger, CPA, Ltd
Tax preparation

Mark Barone, CPA


Mark has been a tax and accounting specialist for over 20 years. After graduating from the University of Iowa, he joined KPMG as an associate in Chicago before moving to Phoenix in 1998 to work with Deloitte. Barone then transitioned into private practice for several years prior to opening his own firm. In 2016, he partnered with Stableford Capital Founder Andy Brinkman and fellow CPA Jane Hemminger to launch Stableford Tax. As a leader in the active advisory firm's tax division, Barone looks forward to helping Stableford's clients gain access to asset management, financial planning, and tax services under one roof.

Accounting and Tax specialist
Owner of Mark Barone, CPA
Tax experience at Deloitte


Experience, judgment, and common sense humbly applied to reason and knowledge.


Fiduciary responsibility exercised with professional discretion, full accountability, and complete transparency.


Innate drive and pure motivation to learn, grow, and excel.


Mutual respect and concern rooted in abiding trust and loyal service.


Evidence of tenacity, resourcefulness, creativity, discipline, and collective effort.

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